Amanda “Engleking” Andreoni Joins Hageman

We are very pleased to announce Amanda “Engleking” Andreoni to our team as a Real Estate Broker in both Illinois and Indiana.

Amanda was born and raised in rural Indiana with strong agriculture roots, farm management and real estate experience.

She specializes in farm real estate and transitional real estate. Amanda lives in Lasalle County Illinois, within 90 miles outside of Chicago, where she is very active in the community along with her husband and children.

Amanda’s passion for Real Estate partnered with her compassion for people, integrity, professionalism, and love for Agriculture makes her a perfect fit for the Hageman Realty Team.

We feel very fortunate to be able to help many in the changing agricultural world. If there is need for buying, selling or evaluating your real estate please contact us today, we are here to help.

About Hageman Reality

Specializing in farm land real estate, Hageman Realty operates in Northwest and West Central Indiana, along with Illinois, Texas and Wisconsin. The Hageman family roots in land and agriculture run deep. Our predecessors worked together as a family to acquire and reinvigorate farmland by creating drainage systems, improving soil fertility, and implementing new agronomic practices. The business evolved from selling our own improved productive farmland repeating the process with more and more land and then later, assisting others with land sales and purchases. The insight we have cultivated over the generations is invaluable with our licensed agents. If you are looking to purchase or sell farmland, recreational property, or commercial property, contact Hageman Realty today at (219) 261-2000 to learn how our team can assist you.

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