Visit the Farming Community of Remington

In the southern most part of Jasper County, Indiana is the small rural town of Remington.

It is located in the northwest corner of Indiana and boasts some of the most fertile farm ground in the state. Because of this proximity to I-65 Remington is not only a thriving farm community but home to major seed corn companies, trucking companies, warehousing, and numerous agricultural/food-based companies.

Chicago is just 90 miles to the north, Indianapolis 90 miles to the south, and Purdue University is just 35 minutes away. All this and more makes it a perfect place to “plant your roots”. Remington also has some hidden gems. Fountain Park Chautauqua was established in 1895 and has operated uninterrupted every summer since. It’s one of a few non-commercialized Chautauquas” in the United States. In addition, we have the local favorites of Bob and Connie’s Restaurant and Bar, Homestead (Remington’s version of a Cracker Barrel), a beautifully restored depot available to the community, beautiful murals throughout the town, as well as, town parks with picnic shelters, playgrounds, walking paths, soccer fields, tennis courts, baseball diamond and even a splash pad in the summer.

Tri-County School Corporation offers a solid education with dedicated teachers, smaller class sizes, and numerous AP classes for college credits. It also boasts one of the most active and award-winning FFA chapters in the state and many state FFA state officers over the past couple of decades. If you are traveling along I-65 and see wind turbines in all directions you’ve arrived!

Slow down, take exit 201 for US 24 and come to Remington for a visit, home of Hageman Realty’s headquarters.

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