Hageman Newsletter

Hageman Realty August Newsletter

Our recent trek out west gave us a firsthand look at some great crops and the challenges many fellow farmers toward the west are facing. Fortunately, for most of the cornbelt (especially the eastern half) we are experiencing positive gains on all fronts. At the same time many farmers in the west are faced with drought, record heat, and related challenges. The August 2021 Purdue Ag Economics Report has...

April Newsletter

Hello, and welcome to spring!  As farmers and farmland brokers, few things excite us more than the opportunities and new life that come with planting spring crops and gardens.  Here are a few of the opportunities in Ag and Farmland that we are seeing.  We think it’s a great time to sell and or buy Farmland depending on your situation. Farmland Values  Late in 2020 and in...

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