Why Use a Broker?

Why use a broker? This is a question Many people ask themselves when preparing to buy or sell a Land. We want to give you 3 main reasons why it is so important to use a farmland broker to ensure a seamless, simple and successful transaction. 

  • Buying and selling land is a difficult process; There is so much that goes into it. We are here to help you through all the details such as drainage, fertility, government programs, tax laws, ect.  Having experienced and knowledgeable brokers to help you through the process takes an immense amount of stress off of your hands. We are here to negotiate on your behalf to help you reach your land goals. 

  • Marketing while selling your farm is so important; Since we at Hageman Realty are a team of brokers that have a reach to multiple states, it allows us to give you a customized marketing approach that not only markets your property on a local level, but also nationally. This way you have a greater chance to reach your ideal buyer.  

  • Team; At Hageman Realty, you get a team of farmland brokers, not just one of us. Having a team working together to give you the best selling or buying experience is possibly the most important. We want to know what your goals are so we as a team can help you reach them in the most seamless way possible. 

For most people, buying or selling land is a once in a lifetime transaction. Let our team of farmland specialists at Hageman Realty use our experience to help you! 

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