The Hageman family roots in land and agriculture run deep. Our predecessors worked together as a family to acquire and reinvigorate farmland by creating drainage systems, improving soil fertility, and implementing new agronomic practices. The business evolved from selling our own improved productive farmland repeating the process with more and more land and then later, assisting others with land sales and purchases. The insight we have cultivated over the generations is invaluable with our licensed agents.

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The Hageman Realty Difference

Our land, farm, commercial, and residential real estate agents work throughout Indiana. We also have agents licensed in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Texas. Each of our agents is highly knowledgeable of the agricultural and recreational land market and its investment opportunities.

Our agents work as a collaborative team to ensure the best opportunities and results for our clients. The combined professional experience in recreational, farm, commercial, and residential real estate creates not just a very powerful advisor but also a multi-skilled team who know the land and know farming.

Our values are integrity, trust, and respect: for everyone we work with and for every deal we make. We are grateful to have experience in many areas of real estate and are eager to share our skills and understanding to benefit our clients. We have confidence in our ability to help each client succeed throughout each step in a real estate sale and purchase process.